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Welcome to Cloverdale Cold

Welcome to British Columbia's fastest growing Public Cold Storage company. The secret to our success is really pretty simple. We offer the Coldest Temperatures (-28C) and work very hard to provide great service at competitive prices. AND, we bill using a daily storage billing format... so you only pay for the time that your product actually remains in storage.

Our 3188-188th St. facility opened in September 2011 This world class freezer facility offers 38,000 racked pallet positions at temperatures of -28C... State of the art MHE equipment and wireless "real time" data collection capabilities throughout the warehouse. NEWS... In January 2016, we began construction on a 25,000 pallet position expansion of our 3188-188th Street facility. This expansion is scheduled to open in Sept 2016.

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Our 3177-188th Street facility opened in 2,000 This operation consists of 17,000 pallet positions with two rooms held at temperatures of -28 Celsius. This operation is federally registered with CFIA for Meat (Reg#S138) and for Seafood (Reg# 0789).

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"Our business model is pretty simple. Deliver great service at competitive prices and the customers will beat a path to your door."
Mr. Stanley Scheves - Founder

Our goal is to become an extension of YOUR business!