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Technology Throughout

Warehouse Management Systems Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. has invested in leading edge technology throughout the warehousing operation. From fibre optics to wirelessly connecting facilities we're always looking at leveraging technology.

Compressor Room Monitoring If you need to know what the storage room temperatures were on a specific date and time, we can tell you. And our engineers are able to access refrigeration systems remotely and can make system adjustments on-line.

Material Handling Equipment Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. has made significant investments in materials handling equipment. One example of this are the new Mono Mast High Reach trucks ordered for the new 3188-188th Street facility.

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Warehouse Management Systems / Online Releases

The MAXwms "Warehouse Management System" is real time... CCS uses a WMS system utilizing wireless forklift mounted and handheld scanner devices. We have been able to establish a "Wireless In the Warehouse" network of more than a quarter of a million square feet of freezer space. Every pallet received by CCS is labelled using a Pallet ID bar code identifier. During the put away process, the CCS bar coded pallet is scanned into a unique barcoded storage location. We then know the precise location of every pallet in the warehouse.

The warehousing system helps us deliver impressive customer service results. When pick slips are created, the pick slip is scanned and the forklift mounted terminal directs the warehousman to the specific storage location of the product being selected. CCS Customers can access their inventory on-line from any PC with an internet connection. You can submit orders/releases from virtually anywhere in the world.

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Special Proposition

In some situations, the economies of scale work in favour of the smaller independent third party warehouse operator when competing against the industry giants. The smaller companies can implement leading edge

technologies more cost effectively and certainly much more quickly and the efficiencies available through the use of technology in the "Warehouse" are remarkable. The savings in labour,

the reduction in claims and enhanced customer service levels all contribute to increased margins and competitive advantage. We can show you how we, as an independant PRW operator, can out perform the giants of the Public Warehousing industry.

Please take the time to arrange for a tour of our facilities and meet with our people to discuss how we can deliver the services you need to successfully build your business.

We are here to serve your frozen storage and distrbution needs.

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