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Our People are Committed

Our employees have been a huge part of our success Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. works hard to create an environment where employees feel that their work is more than just a job. This begins with a safe workplace, good tools, great technology and a sincere desire from ownership to listen to ideas and feedback from all employees.

We understand that customers often base their opinions of a company on the relationships they have with the people that represent the company. Our employees represent us well.

One of the real benefits of having a great workforce and a equally great working environment is a reduction in staff turnover. Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. is extremely proud of the fact that our employees tend to stick with us and this stability is the basis of our ability to maintain high service levels. Simply stated...Our people know what they are doing.

We DO understand that we ARE an extension of your business Although we can provide the benefits of sharing labor costs across a broad base of customers, we still work very hard to represent the specific needs of each of our customers.

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Experience Counts

Experience helps us to deliver value We have long term employees and a very low staff turnover. It's this experience that makes it possible for us to deliver value and maintain consistently high service levels.

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Tools to do the Job

We are constantly looking for new ways and new equipment that helps us to continually improve service levels. This includes some of the latest designs in mono mast high reach lift trucks, wireless date collection equipment, new dock plate design and more.

We encourage our customers to share their own ideas with us and to watch for new equipment or technology that might fit our organization.

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New Technologies

We are using fibre optic runs backed up by wireless shots connecting facilities. We have very sophisticated refrigeration control systems within each of our facilities. We have worked closely with BC Hydro on facility energy studies as a way of managing costs and conserving energy.

We have installed new T5HO 6 bulb florecsent hi bay lamps with occupancy sensors throughout all facilities and installed variable speed drives on compressors, evaporators and condensers as a way of reducing energy consumption.

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